Gross negligence by Govt (Part 2)

first_imgDear Editor,Citizens should not be surprised if one morning or evening they were to be confronted in their yard or in their place of residence by one or two or all three of the escapees.The threat to life, limb and property is real and must not be taken for granted nor underestimated. The much-touted National Security Strategy continues to be held hostage by the Granger Administration. The President has a habit of trotting out deceptive and misleading assurances to the public. As recent as September this year, he promised that the Combe Report on Security Sector Reform will be released; “I have instructed that he (Jagdeo) be sent a copy of the Report by Colonel Combe and during the month of October, after the, recess it will be made available to the National Assembly.”In August, President Granger declared that the report would be “made public once it is presented to the National Assembly.”Apparently, the security reform plan is still being “studied” by the sub-set of seat warming security experts ensconced at Cabinet. In the meantime, the crime situation is in a mess and the prisons system continues to rock from crisis to crisis.The citizenry has lost all respect for the Public Security Minister and the Government in which he serves, despite assurances.Calls for Ramjattan’s dismissal have been made time and again; however, President Granger is shackled by the Cummingsburg Accord. No AFC Cabinet Minister can be removed from office, lest the coalition Administration falls apart. Guyanese must be like Banwarie and ‘bear their chafe.’ 2020 is the only way out.In the meanwhile, more and more drugs, improvised weapons and other illegal items are pouring into the prisons. Bribable and corruptible prison officers are complicit.Granger in an interview in September this year was quoted as saying; “… at the heart of the problem are of course the quality of manpower; and I believe the Minister of Public Security is working on… and recruiting suitable type persons that would not be susceptible to bribery and corruption.”This statement is a clear indication that Granger is sailing while Ramjattan is sleeping. They are both oblivious to the fact that the security situation in the country is becoming more and more unmanageable.In the wider society, despite assurances when in Opposition, that they would snuff out criminal networks engaging in human trafficking, gun running and drug smuggling, on a daily basis massive amounts of cocaine are found in lumber, vegetables and in the bowels of human mules.But even more disturbing was the ‘breaking news’ that Ecstasy is in great demand in our schools while heroin and crystal methamphetamine are penetrating the borders of our country only to endanger the lives of our young people. Constant bellyaching by Government claiming there is no money to implement the 2016 Commission of Inquiry recommendations aimed at addressing the deplorable conditions at the Lusignan and other prison locations is hypocritical to say the least, especially when huge amounts are being spent on wasteful, non-essential projects.The loud-mouthed commitments made over the years that Government will find the resources to finance the security sector rings hollow.With approximately 558 inmates belonging to the Camp Street Prison being held in hellish holding bays at the Lusignan Prison and another 300 belonging to the Lusignan Prison itself, it is not surprising that the escape of prisoners and protests actions at Lusignan took place.The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition Administration must cease its pretense at being a fountain of knowledge on security matters. It must be more inclusive and transparent in its management and administration of the prisons system.To constantly harp on the claim that it was worse under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and to ask the perennial question, ‘why didn’t you, meaning the PPP/C do these things when you were there, is not good enough. The APNU/AFC campaigned on the platform of time for change. An APNU/AFC coalition is in Government now, they must make the changes they promised the nation or resign. 2020 beckons!Yours sincerely,Clement J Roheelast_img read more