Attackers wife speaks out after his death

New details are emerging in connection to the disturbing downtown Hamilton stabbing on Monday. The attacker’s wife is now speaking out. She says her husband took his own life, after slashing a Hamilton bus driver with a knife outside of Jackson Square. Lisa Hepfner has more about the man we all saw on security video, running through the mall.Trina and Jim Jack had been married for a year and a half. He hadn’t yet turned 25. The couple lived in a highrise building on Emerald Street in Hamilton. “I just want to say I loved my husband very much and I’m sorry for any pain he caused to the bus driver. Please forgive him.”Shortly before 10pm on Labour Day, Jim Jack threw himself from the couple’s 17th-floor apartment. “He carried on as normal, I could see he was inward, wouldn’t speak. He took his life in front of myself and my son. He crawled on the balcony, told me he loved me and my children, and fell backwards.”Earlier that morning, a Hamilton bus driver had been stabbed as he sat on a bench outside Jackson Square. Surveillance footage showed a suspicious man running through the mall after the attack. Trina Jack agrees with police that this is her husband, and that he likely was responsible for the stabbing. But unlike police, she says it was not random. Jim Jack had felt antagonized by that driver a week earlier. “The bus driver offended him, heavily. It was quite racial in nature, and my husband, being a black man, took offense. I think it was building up. It’s not the first situation with the bus driver causing him duress.”Jack was in treatment at the psychiatric hospital on West 5th in Hamilton. “He was doing very well. He was well respected in the hospital, and in the community. Very upstanding, smart, kind person.”His wife says he was about to switch medications. “I could see that he was deteriorating. He was starting to act differently, become more withdrawn.”She adds “Please don’t judge mental illness. He was a very loving kind man. He would not have hurt someone randomly.” read more