‘World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018’ Features Moroccan Sahara

Rabat – “Gold toasted sands clash with purple skies, creating a harmonious balance that could only be achieved in the Sahara Desert.”One the most breathtaking landscapes in Morocco has been awarded a spot on the prestigious “Travel Bucket List Experience.”The online travel agency Flight Network ranks the Moroccan Sahara the best spot “to sleep under the stars,” coming in at number 17 out of 50 destinations overall. The Canadian company has described it as “a land unlike any other” and advised the tourists: “begin this bucket list adventure by riding a camel to a campsite of choice as the sun sets.”“When night falls let yourself be swept up by the night sky of the Sahara which is storied for its brightly lit stars. Without light pollution from man-made structures, the Sahara Desert offers a view of the universe incredibly unique to the area,” added the company.“Stargazing will never be the same as the time spent in the Sahara,” concluded the Canadian agency, which ranked African safari as its number one experience on the bucket list.In 2015, the Moroccan Sahara ranked among the world’s top 10 arid destinations for desert holidays and tours, according to the British daily newspaper the Telegraph.Morocco’s tourism industry can take pride in yet another morale boost, a credible validation of those who have visited the North African country’s many fantastic destinations.The huge investment in tourism infrastructure and the exquisite cultural richness have turned Morocco into one of the most sought-out tourist destinations in the world.Formed in 2005, Flight Network is the largest Canadian-owned online travel agency. It specializes in providing global travelers with the lowest-price airfares, hotels, vacation packages, and car rentals. read more