WHO Lauds Princess Lalla Salma’s Personal Engagement in Fight Against Cancer

Geneva – Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Margaret Chan lauded the personal engagement of Princess Lalla Salma at the helm of the Lalla Salma Foundation for the prevention and treatment of cancer.This came during talks on Monday in Geneva with Permanent representative of Morocco in the UN office in Geneva.Chan also highlighted the significant efforts led by Lalla Salma Foundation notably in terms of anti-HPV vaccination, awareness raising and early diagnosis. She also lauded the efforts led by the Kingdom to bring assistance to countries affected by Ebola in west Africa.In this respect, Chan praised Morocco for the progress it has achieved in terms of fighting diseases as well as for its humanitarian engagement in support of countries such as Mali and Jordan.Chan said also expressed the willingness of the WHO to further boost cooperation ties with Morocco notably in the field of sharing expertise. read more