Campus Security NRP issue warning after exposure incidents in parking lots

Niagara Regional Police and Brock University Campus Security Services are investigating two indecent acts that were reported in campus parking lots on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 21.At about 9:30 p.m., two female students driving between Lots U and V saw a man standing between two vehicles exposing himself. The man was described as approximately six feet tall, dark skinned, wearing jeans and a dark striped T-shirt or polo shirt. The students phoned to notify Campus Security.At about 11 p.m., a man of the same description was seen by a female student walking to her vehicle in Lot S. When she drove out a few minutes later, the male was exposing himself. The woman used a campus emergency phone to contact Campus Security, who were in the area. Officers searched the area but the suspect was not located. Officers were posted in the parking lots for the rest of the night in attempt to locate the suspect.Campus Security has increased patrols of these lots, and reminds staff and students to always be aware of your surroundings, walk with a friend where possible, and if you feel unsafe contact Campus Security at ext. 3200 for an escort to your vehicle.Niagara Regional Police say similar incidents have been reported in the south end of St. Catharines over recent weeks, and their investigation is continuing.Anyone seeing a person displaying such behaviour should immediately call 911, Brock Security at ext 3200, or use the Brock Mobile App or any Emergency Phone on campus. Officers and operators are on campus 24 hours a day.Anyone with information regarding these incidents should call Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111.Brock’s mobile safety app also connects directly to campus Security and can be downloaded at read more