My Tryst With Conronavirus & Home Quarantine

first_imgFor the last year or so, like all other people in the world I was also worried about the dreaded Coronavirus entering my life and never downplayed the threat nor played with the necessary preventive measures. So, on 24th January when I felt slight irritation in my throat accompanied by a fever, I judged it as the result of the sand storm in Dubai and was one of my regular yearly infections due to the change in the weather conditions. Within a day all those symptoms were gone and still, I had this lingering feeling that something is missing and I always believed in my instincts for a very long time. So, on the 30th I decided to walk in for a consultation with a doctor in a nearby clinic. He checked everything and the diagnosis was that I had a very very mild infection in the throat and it is that mild he said he can’t even prescribe antibiotics for the same. However, we both agreed that since I am in the hospital and even though no telltale signs taking a PCR test is a socially responsible thing to do and I decided to go for the test.I welcomed the next morning with a report from the hospital and it states I am COVID-19 positive and the first thought which came to mind is to recollect the names of people whom I was in touch with within the last few days. Luckily since the day of the 24th January, I didn’t go out much and my contacts on those days were very limited. I immediately called up and informed them about my positive result and asked them to go for a PCR test just to make sure. Then as per the guideline, I called up the health authority help desk and they were very cordial and clear in their instructions. They told me to wait for the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) persons to contact me in the next 24 hours and in case of any emergency call back immediately at any point in time. Within two hours after that call officer from DHA called and asked me about my condition and I informed him that other than the positive result I am doing all right and he verified all my personnel details and told me to be in-home quarantine for 10 days. He also assured me of all support in case needed and will be just a call away.So, for the next ten days, I was at home, and since most of the work I am currently involved in doesn’t need my physical presence there was no trouble in continuing it from the safety of my home. I didn’t inform anyone about my situation including my family since I know they all will be then worried especially, my parents. For the very few whom I informed, they did keep their side of the bargain and didn’t trouble me by calling every hour to check up on me. The next few days the only thing I missed is my morning runs and moving out of the house for anything. Despite being COVID-19 positive there was nothing much I felt by way of loss of smell or fever or throat pain and life seems to be normal. I finished a few books which were pending, watched Netflix and continue with my writing daily posts, and watched the world moving along from my apartment.Finally, yesterday the DHA send me an official release letter which stated that I am being released from the home quarantine and I continue to be asymptomatic and can go with my regular way of life. Today I am free to move out but then decided I will wait for a couple of days just to be sure. I must acknowledge here the role of the DHA in the entire issue and the way they handled it was very professional and assuring for anyone who is worried about the virus. The APP which monitors the patient is very useful when needed with all necessary information and contact details, and I am sure it also monitors that the person is not breaking the quarantine rules.In the end irrespective of all my precautions and adhering to safety procedures, I did get infected and I am sure there is no one to be blamed. Maybe I lowered my safety guard somewhere and that is why I got infected but I am grateful to God that the entire situation was nothing serious and the virus didn’t trouble me much.  My experience may not be what many others had with the virus and with all humility, I am happy to confirm that today I am free of the coronavirus and thankful to the superpower for safeguarding me from the wrath of the virus.Let me take this post to emphasize and request every one of my friends that be careful and don’t lower their guard at any point in time. The Virus is still around and you don’t need much interaction to get infected and in case you did get infected don’t panic. Just follow the protocol and you will always be assured of help at any point in time. The DHA and the APP will keep you in their eyes and I was so sure after my discussion with that DHA official on the first day of contact that nothing will go wrong even though I am staying alone. I experienced something unique but luckily it was not that bad an experience and I know things could have taken a different path and it could have fatal but then this is not the case to be and I am grateful.last_img read more