Euphoria over, back to reality for Southgate’s England

first_imgIt could have been the greatest day of their lives but England’s World Cup squad returned home on Sunday with the euphoria that surrounded their run to the last four having dissipated and familiar, less exhilarating, challenges lying ahead.The Premier League begins in just four weeks and Gareth Southgate’s squad, players who were being hailed as national heroes just a few days ago, will return to the day job and the struggle for starting places at their clubs.In a league where a large majority of the players are imported from Europe and beyond, being a member of the England squad is no guarantee of first-team football.It makes life tough for the England manager, who, even at the height of their World Cup optimism, noted the unique issue facing him.“We only have 33 percent of the league to pick from. So that is still a huge problem for us,” he said.So for all the talk of England being stronger at the European Championship in two years time, Southgate knows it is not as simple as just adding experience to his side.The situation is particularly hard for those players at the biggest clubs – none of Marcus Rashford, Phil Jones or Jesse Lingard are guaranteed a regular starting spot under Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.Fabian Delph, John Stones and Raheem Sterling will all have a battle on their hands to appear regularly on the Manchester City team sheet alongside their England team mate Kyle Walker, who is a fixed presence at right back.Sterling may have scored 18 goals in 33 appearances in last year’s title-winning campaign, but while he was in Russia, City manager Pep Guardiola completed the signing of Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City for a reported club record fee of 60 million pounds.Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson was an essential part of their run to the Champions League final last season but he too faces expensively-recruited competition in the shape of Brazilian Fabinho and Guinean Naby Keita.It is even harder for emerging talent.Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who ended the tournament with a promising display in the third-place playoff defeat to Belgium, does not even know where he will be playing next season.His club Chelsea loaned him out to Crystal Palace last term and a change of manager at Stamford Bridge adds to the uncertainty he faces.AIR OF OPTIMISMThose who can be confident of regular football are found at Tottenham Hotspur – where Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Kieran Trippier are established first-teamers.Outside the Champions League clubs, goalkeeper Jordan Pickford is a clear number one at Everton and Harry Maguire is at the heart of Leicester’s defence.There is an undeniable air of optimism around the England team though and Football Association Technical Director Dan Ashworth summed up the view that gaining experience is now the key.“We’ve got some good players in our senior team and some good technical players in our development pathway as well,” said Ashworth.“We’re probably a little bit short on big-game experience, a bit short on number of national caps and we’re a bit young for what a winning national team looks like,” he said.Much of the optimism over England’s future stems from the success of the junior teams. Last year, England’s junior teams won the Under-20 World Cup, the Under-17 World Cup and the Under-19 European Championship.But there is long-standing concern over how much playing time those youngsters will get at their clubs.Phil Foden, the talented captain of that Under-17 team, has been highlighted by many as a possible answer to the lack of a creative midfielder in Southgate’s squad but the 18-year-old faces a daunting challenge even to get into Manchester City’s midfield.“He’s got a lot of ability and I can see him developing into a really talented player,” said his team mate Delph, who offered a reminder that Foden is still “learning his craft”.“In terms of his development within the England set-up. That’s up to him — he’s got to keep working hard and progressing and if he breaks into the City team and shows what he can do, I’m sure the (England) manager will select him.”The same consideration could apply to a dozen or so young players coming through the system.When the current England first team, however, are not even guaranteed regular club football, the idea that a conveyor belt of young talent will carry Southgate’s squad to future glory is far from certain.last_img read more

Girl power – New female jockeys eager to prove themselves at Caymanas Park

first_imgAs they set off to embark on their career in the horse-racing industry, female apprentice jockeys Abigail Able, Samantha Fletcher and Tamicka Lawrence are all looking forward to the challenges of competing in the male-dominated sport. Able and Fletcher have both secured two rides each on today’s 11-race card at Caymanas Park, while Lawrence will have to wait for her first mount. The 22-year-old Able, who is a former student of the Waterford High School, said that she is confident, even while admitting that she is also a bit anxious about competing on the track for the first time. “I am a bit excited and nervous because I will be riding against one of the biggest jockeys in Shane Ellis, and also Omar Walker, so I am bit nervous about this,” said Able. Full confidence “However, I am going out there with full confidence to do my best,” she said. “My preparations have gone well because everything is going according to plan. “I am going to ride just as how the men are riding, and I am going out there to do my best,” she pointed out. On the other hand, 26-year-old Fletcher said she has nothing to fear from her male counterparts and is only focused on going out there and doing her best. “I am very excited, and I am looking forward to great things,” said Fletcher, who is a former student at Innswood High School. “I have always dreamt about this, and I am hoping to do my best out there,” she said. “Not because most of the jockeys are male – that doesn’t mean I can’t outride them.” In the meantime, despite failing to secure a mount on today’s programme, Lawrence said she is feeling excited and is looking forward to competing against the male jockeys. “This is what I like about this because I get to compete and I love to compete,” said the 27-year-old Lawrence. “I am going out there to do my utmost best. I am prepared and ready for whatever they throw at me because I am very confident.”last_img read more

Opposition cries censorship in Parliament

first_imgOpposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira has accused Speaker of the House, Dr Barton Scotland of going beyond his remit to do things to stymie the Opposition’s business on several counts in Parliament.The Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) told the media on Saturday that this “noticeable behaviour” is becoming more blatant and it has not gone unnoticed by the Opposition.“The Speaker has a habit now in the last year, of every single question or motion we bring to the Parliament is radically edited by him,” she explained.Teixeira has said that this is a major undermining of the parliamentary Opposition’s role, and this could only be seen as a one-sided move, which may continue to happen in Parliament.Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira“The Speaker has given himself an editorial role and in fact in a correspondence he said certain paragraphs and be it not resolved clauses are removed as unnecessary in his opinion,” she added.The Opposition MP explained that there is no standing order which allows the Speaker such discretion. In fact, once these questions or motions are not libelous or offensive, it should not be removed.“We have been explaining our disagreements but accepting the amendments so that the motions can get on the order paper so that the public can hear,” she added.Using the questions about the Camp Street Prison unrest as an example, Teixeira said that is a classic example where the Speaker again removed a large number of paragraphs.Only recently, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo accused the Speaker of taking a partisan stand on several issues and even described him as the 34th MP of the coalition Government. He maintained that the Speaker should have been an independent arbiter.“Almost any matter that seeks to question the Government, to hold them to account, he rules in their favour. Now when you look at the debates in Parliament, almost every single matter the Government gets its way,” he lamented, reminding supporters that Scotland did not find a debate on the future of sugar an issue of national importance. The Speaker has come in for heavy criticism over the past two years and has indeed shut down several motions presented by the Opposition, claiming that they were not urgent or important.last_img read more

What have you done?

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Antonio touts jobs for young people” (July 11): I am glad that the mayor feels he has accomplished something with filling 307,000 potholes last year. What a joke. Where were these potholes? In the city of Los Angeles? How many were in the San Fernando Valley? Has he driven down Corbin Avenue between Roscoe Boulevard and Plummer Street? It is horrible. You need four-wheel drive. The whole road is a pothole. It’s the same on Tampa Avenue through the same stretch. I have been waiting years for them to fix those streets. It’s time for the Valley to control its own tax dollars. I am tired of getting ripped off by the city of Los Angeles. Fix our streets, Antonio. —Kris “Walter” Noffke Reseda Reduce council pay Re “City Council is the Rodney Dangerfield of L.A.” (July 11): A retreat that cost we taxpayers $13,000 so those people can discuss how to exert more authority and how to challenge the mayor? The City Council members have mastered the art of wasting taxpayer money, so I guess the next step makes sense. It makes sense, it seems to me, that as a council member seeks re-election, all patriots should vote “no.” Also, we need a proposition to reduce the council members’ wages. It makes no sense that they should be paid more than any other council members. Los Angeles needs a complete makeover. I think Laura Chick would make a wonderful mayor. She has done a great job as controller. She knows all the city’s dirty secrets, and heads would roll. — Geraldine Thompson Los Angeles Mayor Tony Seems like L.A. is just another sleazy town with corrupt officials making excuses for bad behavior. Worse, we forget and put them back into office again. They spend our money, which is easy to do, for their own entertainment and enjoyment. These are stupid people. Mayor Tony stated that he will be working on the campaign for another questionable woman and still represent L.A. Our city will suffer, but Mayor Tony will bask in the light of Madame Hillary. His r?sum? will be complete for the Democratic power brokers to run him for governor. Mayor Tony represents us. When he models clothes abroad for some Korean planning commissioner, we are made a laughingstock for the whole world. Mayor Tony is an embarrassment. — Claire Magid Arleta Mistake? Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa keeps stating that he made “a mistake.” The mayor did not make a mistake; he made a choice. His choice was either to remain faithful to his wife or to cheat and hide it with lies. His choice has been very clear to all of us. The voters of Los Angeles are the ones who should be using the word “mistake” for having believed him to be an honorable and trustworthy man. — David Pray Moorpark Levine’s pet bill Re “Pet-spaying bill neutered” (July 12): As a firm believer in spay/neuter — the owner of two rescue dogs and someone who had the help of a special lady to trap, neuter and release 16 feral cats — I believe Lloyd Levine’s spay-neuter bill would never have affected those it needed to. People who don’t license or properly care for their animals — who believe animals are puppy-making and money-making machines or simply disposable goods when the owners move from place to place — would never be concerned. The mind-set of individuals needs to be changed. When we have enough Department of Animal Services personnel to check for licensing and microchips and to teach people, starting at an early age, the proper care of pets, then and only then will any type of law be enforceable and logical. — Sandra Munz North Hollywood They’re just animals Re “Is defeat of spay-neuter measure a victory or travesty?” (Their Opinions, July 12): Daniel Guss’ plea for more government bureaucracy is nothing more than bleeding-heart emotionalism laced with vitriolic, ad hominem attacks on people who make a living he finds distasteful. His only legitimate argument, wasteful spending, is transparent considering that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent destroying animals is more useful than the hundreds of millions of dollars already lost each year to graft, corruption and lazy accounting. As an animal lover, I can understand the underlying conviction held by these animal protectors, but, come on, they’re still just animals. — Donovan Weir Chatsworth Gut feeling Re “Terror group strong again” (July 12): Don’t let the smoke get in your eyes. Our president still wears wool suits made from his flock of cronies. He still believes the American people are stupid and beneath his ideological rhetoric when he needs to deflect criticism of his long list of failures, lies and calculated deceit. Our U.S. Constitution has become riddled with holes because we have an incompetent businessman with no social skills calling the shots with arrogance and no compassion for what is truly good for the country as a whole. Why on God’s Earth do we have a C student rewriting our Constitution? The secrecy and no accountability reek of a cow pasture with one mushroom growing after another. How are your guts feeling these days? Are you full enough, or would you like to go on a diet? — Erik Eskelin Woodland Hills The difference Re “Soldiers killed in Iraq” (July 11): The reason, Marjorie Eisenberg, that the 3,000 families of victims of the World Trade Centers disaster are so special as to deserve upwards of a million dollars in compensation is that they (the victims), for the most part, were rich upper-class Wall Street executives or worked for rich Wall Street firms. The others you mentioned, soldiers and victims of the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing, were largely of the middle class. — Art Haendiges Topanga Better ratatouille Re “Ratatouille Recipes” (“U” section, July 10): Do not use zucchini. It is too watery and results in soggy ingredients. Use, instead, the summer squashes that look like flying saucers with scalloped edges. I think that the yellow ones taste better than the green ones. After peeling and cutting the eggplant into cubes, coat it very liberally with salt and put it into a colander or a sieve to drain for one to two hours. If you examine the drainage, you will see a clear brownish liquid. It is a bitter alkaloid that some people are allergic to and can cause pain in the joints, particularly the knees. Rinse thoroughly to remove the salt before continuing. — Leonard McGinnis Granada Hills Passing lane? Re “Fastpokes” (Your Opinions, July 8): If one looks at statistics, it is obvious that the majority of accidents are caused by people driving too fast. Plain and simple. Sure, slow drivers annoy me, too, but I don’t feel the need to tailgate them (for kicks) for miles on end when it’s just as easy to change lanes. And the so-called “passing lane” is a joke. If I’m driving 85 mph, I guarantee you I will be passed constantly by rude, inconsiderate morons who, in turn, will be passed by other idiots who are burning rubber at 90-plus mph. Ridiculous. It only takes a fraction of a second for a life-altering accident to occur on our already stress-riddled freeways. — Gary Bennett Canoga Park Missed point Re “Fastpokes” (Your Opinions, July 8): The point is that regardless of speed, slower traffic must keep right. That is an independent California law. Forcing frustrated speeders to change lanes suddenly is dangerous to everyone nearby. When unimpeded speeders pass in the lane on your left, it’s their own ticket sooner or later. But if you’re in their way in the left lane going the speed limit, it may one day be your collision when they angrily whiz around you. Please leave speed-limit enforcement to the California Highway Patrol. A safe driver needs to stay in a lane where the other traffic is going a speed that suits, and we will all be calmer and safer on the freeways. — Charles L. Murray Moorpark One-fits-all label Re “Unreliable hormones” (Your Opinions, July 10): By her own words, it is readily apparent that Sylvia Alloway is the head of the Granada Hills chapter of The She-Woman’s Man Hater’s Club (with apologies to “The Little Rascals”). She states that the adulterous activities of our mayor just confirm what women have always known — that men are unreliable or untrustworthy every day. As a person who was repeatedly cheated on by my last long-term girlfriend, I understand the pain and heartache that people experience from this type of behavior; however, I would never go as far as to judge every woman by the actions of my now “ex.” It is sad that Alloway is so bitter that she’ll label every man an untrustworthy jerk. — Mark Steele Woodland Hillslast_img read more

Lava Man seeks an affirmation

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Were the recent sixth-place finishes in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar and Oak Tree Mile at Santa Anita aberrations, or a telltale sign that the son of Slew City Slew is beginning to show his age? We’ll know more late Saturday afternoon after Lava Man faces 10 rivals in the $250,000 California Cup Classic at Santa Anita, the signature race of California Cup XVIII – a 10-race stakes program worth $1.3 million that is restricted to Cal-breds. Lava Man will carry high weight of 124 pounds. He drew the 10th post Wednesday at Santa Anita’s Clocker’s Corner for the 11/8-mile test on Cushion Track, a race that drew only one other horse – 3-year-old gelding Celtic Dreamin – who has won a graded stakes race. On paper, it figures as a walk through the park for Lava Man, who has beaten much tougher foes both this year and throughout his career. But is this the same Lava Man, a horse that has banked more than $5 million since being claimed for $50,000 in August 2004 at Del Mar? “He’s doing really well in the mornings, he’s real energetic,” trainer Doug O’Neill said. “Knock on wood, he’s sound, and we expect a big effort on Saturday. If not, he might need a breather.” HORSE RACING: Star gelding set for this weekend’s California Cup Classic. By Art Wilson Staff Writer Is Lava Man finished? Has the toast of the older handicap division reached the end of the line after an unprecedented run that saw the 6-year-old gelding win back-to-back Santa Anita Handicaps and a record-tying three consecutive Hollywood Gold Cups? Lava Man’s disappointing showing in the Pacific Classic as the 6-5 favorite can be attributed to the gelding’s disdain for Polytrack. His last-place finish in the Oak Tree Mile on the grass was more troubling because he’s shown a fondness for turf in the past. Still, O’Neill seems pleased with the opportunity to get the star of his barn back on a surface he’s likely to enjoy. Lava Man won his third consecutive Gold Cup over Hollywood Park’s Cushion Track on June 30, and Santa Anita’s new synthetic surface has been much kinder to speed horses than Polytrack. “Getting him back to 11/8 miles on a real firm surface should be just what we want,” O’Neill said. Morning-line oddsmaker Jeff Tufts installed Lava Man as the heavy 7-5 choice, followed by Bold Chieftain, with Russell Baze aboard, at 5-1. Celtic Dreamin, trained by Rafael Becerra, will be ridden by Garrett Gomez for the first time and is 8-1. Lava Man will be ridden for the 16th consecutive race by Corey Nakatani. Bold Chieftain, a 4-year-old son of Chief Seattle who has won six of 12 lifetime, comes in off a fourth-place finish in the Grade III Bay Meadows Breeders’ Cup Handicap at 11/8 miles on a turf course labeled good on Sept. 22. Celtic Dreamin has won five of six lifetime with one second and won the Grade III British Columbia Derby at Hastings Race Course in Vancouver by 51/2 lengths on Sept. 23 in his most recent start under jockey Gerry Olguin. The Cal Cup Mile on turf is the second richest race of the program with a purse of $175,000 and drew 12 starters, including defending champion and co-high weight Epic Power. Nakatani, tied with Alex Solis for the most Cal Cup victories at 16, has the mount. Three of the races carry purses of $150,000, including the Matron, for fillies and mares at 11/16 miles on Cushion Track; the Distaff, for fillies and mares at 61/2 furlongs on the hillside turf course; and the Sprint, for 3-year-olds and up. Somethinaboutlaura, the defending Matron champion, will carry high weight of 124 pounds and bring a four-race winning streak into the event. The 5-year-old mare, trained by Jerry Hollendorfer, has won 16 of 28 lifetime and will be ridden by Victor Espinoza. art.wilson@sgvn.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgPROMOTED POSTFor sale by public auction.A modern and spacious four bedroom house extending to 158 Sq Mts approximately over three floors. The house is located within the immediate environs of Ramelton and has ample amenities such as national schools, convenience shops, churches and pubs within a short walk whilst also having Letterkenny within a 10/15 minutes drive.For more information on this property click on the link below    FOUR BEDROOM PROPERTY FOR SALE IN RAMELTON was last modified: August 8th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:AuctioneersAugust 15thBusinessFeaturesfor salepropertypublic auctionRameltonlast_img read more

Bayern Munich fight to keep Thiago amid interest from Man City and Real Madrid

first_imgBayern Munich are ready to offer Thiago Alcantara a new contract to ward off interest from Manchester City and Real Madrid.The midfielder is enjoying one of his best seasons in Germany this year and he is wanted by the two European giants.However, Bayern have no plans to let the Spain international go and they are reportedly preparing to give him a new deal to persuade him to stay.Thiago’s current contract expires in June 2019 and he will be offered an extension which would potentially run until 2022.Any new deal would also lead to the 25-year-old earning a hefty pay-rise on his reported salary of £80,000-a-week. Thiago Alcantara in action for Bayern Munich 1last_img read more

Jews campaign for oil conservation

first_imgRabbi Ron Stern has scanned the parking lot at Stephen S. Wise Temple and seen the same gas-guzzling cars that dominate Los Angeles freeways. He’s turned the ignition of his own SUV and known he was contributing to America’s reliance on foreign oil. But after realizing that America’s driving habits help fill the treasury of Iran, whose president has vowed to wipe Israel off the map, Stern decided to buy a more energy-efficient car and to encourage his congregation to be more “environmentally kosher.” “It is a direct connection between the cars we drive and the money the terrorists have,” he said. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhicker: John Jackson greets a Christmas that he wasn’t sure he’d seeStern is the first rabbi to join an energy-conservation campaign launched by the American Jewish Committee’s L.A. office to coincide with Hanukkah, which concludes Saturday at sundown and celebrates the miracle of a vial of oil that lighted the temple menorah for eight days instead of just one. “Can we count on G-d for another miracle – ensuring our oil supply lasts 80 years instead of 10 years?” the AJC asked in a letter to local rabbis. The letter expressed concern that America’s dependence on foreign oil could make the country “susceptible to pressure from oil-producing nations, vulnerable to terrorist attack, and impaired in its ability to remain an independent player on the world stage.” “God makes miracles,” said Nadine Gerson, who co-chairs the organization’s energy independence and national security committee. “But this time we need to make our own miracle.” With a population of 300 million, less than 5 percent of the world, the United States typically accounts for 20 percent to 25 percent of global daily oil consumption. About 35 percent of U.S. crude oil is harvested domestically, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. The rest is imported, predominantly from Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Nigeria, in that order. The U.S. does not buy oil from Iran, among the most anti-American Middle East countries and a financier of the Hezbollah militia, whose kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers this summer helped spark a 34-day war. But U.S. energy habits benefit the oil-rich nation by driving the global market. “We are financing both sides of the War on Terror,” said AJC spokesman Eli Lipmen, borrowing from Thomas L. Friedman’s oft-quoted New York Times column “No Mullah Left Behind.” Americans are worried about dependence on foreign oil, too. Last year, 92 percent of those polled by Yale University defined the problem as somewhat or very serious. But for Jews, it is a moral imperative, rabbis said. Judaism is heavily accented with the concept of tikkun olam, a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world.” “This is not political,” said Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater, social action chairman of The Board of Rabbis of Southern California. “This is an issue that makes us better Jews, better human beings.” Unlike during the 1970s oil crisis, electricity accounts for only 3 percent of U.S. oil consumption, according to the federal government. Transportation accounts for 68 percent. So coalitions like Set Free America – which includes AJC Executive Director David A. Harris, President Reagan’s national security adviser Robert McFarlane, and Bill Holmberg of the American Council on Renewable Energy – are promoting governmental requirements that new vehicles be designed to run on flexible fuels, including ethanol derived from corn or sugar. Because flexible-fuel vehicles use a blend of gasoline and alcohol, they consume dramatically less oil. Coupled with hybrid technology that partially powers vehicles with electricity, supporters envision a car that would get 500 miles per gallon – of gasoline. Though the cost would be transferred to ethanol fuel and electricity, it would reduce American dependence on oil-rich countries, said Anne Korin, chairwoman of Set Free America. Auto-reliant L.A., a city with 600,000 Jews and an economy spread across 500 square miles, is a fitting place for Jewish leaders to make this push. “The miracle of Hanukkah is that the Maccabees were willing to take on an amazing challenge against unbeatable odds. This little band of Jews were willing to fight back against the Greeks and their supporters. And they did it,” Stern said. “Here is a similar situation: There is an overwhelming dependence on foreign oil; the petros-producing countries have this around our necks. We need to be willing to take it on.” (818) 713-3634160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

‘NE14 a free shirt?’ – Fylde pranksters rewarded with stadium invite and gifts

first_img Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions “My dad’s blocked in and it’s an emergency – could you read this out?”Aye, an emergency is it lads? 🤨— AFC Fylde (@AFCFylde) February 13, 2019Fylde actually did manage to identify the trio, who, instead of being punished, were invited to Mill Farm on Wednesday evening.They were there presented with Fylde shirts and goodie bags of club merchandise, with David Haythornthwaite, the chairman, wanting to reward them for putting a smile on the public’s face. ADVICE LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS BEST OF shining Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? huge blow Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move MONEY Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ 1 REVEALED center_img RANKED Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won It was a good night for Fylde – but not for one specific person Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card no dice The young lads who made headlines for the prank they pulled on AFC Fylde’s stadium announcer have been identified… and rewarded.Jak, Tom and Timo – who are all season ticket holders at Mill Farm – were the trio who pulled the classic ‘NE14 ABJ’ prank on Liam Brown, who was standing in as announcer during Tuesday night’s defeat of Ramsbottom United. REPLY The three youngsters duped the man behind the microphone into asking for a Nissan Micra to be moved in the car park as it was blocking their dad’s car in an emergency.Mr Brown took the all important detail – the vehicle’s registration – and read it out over the loudspeaker to all in attendance. Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade REVEALED But it was not an emergency and the car doesn’t even exist, with the poor Mr Brown falling for a classic in the prank call genre.The number plate of the imaginary car was ‘NE14 ABJ’, which, when spoken out loud character by character, reads… well, we’ll let you figure it out. Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars Well, it’s been a hell of a ride.I guess the moral of the story is to follow your dreams, I think?Anyway, thanks for joining us, Twitter.— AFC Fylde (@AFCFylde) February 13, 2019“It was a great bit of harmless fun that snuck through, and it put a smile on the face of tens of thousands of people today,” Haythornthwaite said.“The least we could do was return the favour and kit them out with our home strip and a goodie bag.“Hopefully this will be a memory that’ll stay with them forever as supporters!”last_img read more

Milligan Enters Not-Guilty Plea; Trial Set For June 4

first_imgWashington County Circuit Court Clerk Sarah Milligan entered a not-guilty plea this morning at her first hearing in Washington Superior Court since being arrested on Friday, Dec. 28 on five charges including illegal possession of a legend drug. Milligan’s attorney Jennifer Lukemeyer petitioned the court to waive the formal reading of the charges. Washington County Prosecuting Attorney Dustin Houchin didn’t object to that.Lukemeyer then entered a not-guilty plea on all charges.  Milligan’s attorney asked the court to allow for an extension of time to request a special prosecutor.Special Judge John Evans of Harrison County agreed and extended the deadline to February 25. Milligan requested modification of terms of release on bond to allow her to leave the state to travel to the Louisville Metro area.Houchin had no objection and that request was granted. Also Houchin said since there was probable cause to believe Milligan was intoxicated (that she failed the tests), he requested the court to send an immediate request to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a suspension of Milligan’s drivers license.Houchin said that would take a couple of days to be put into effect.  A pre-trial conference has been set for April 26 at 9:30a. The trial has been tentatively set for June 4. Milligan was originally arrested after an Indiana State Trooper observed her speeding on SR60 in Salem and also noticed the temporary tags on her vehicle were ripped.She had been stopped by Officer Nigel Smith of the Salem City Police Department the previous night with no incident. He asked her to make sure the proper license plates were attached to the vehicle before she drove the vehicle again.Milligan drove the vehicle to work that Friday, with the temporary tags still ripped. According to the Indiana State Police, Miligan failed sobriety tests and was arrested and taken to St. Vincent Salem Hospital where she agreed to a blood alcohol test.Those results have not been released. Shortly after her arrest, Milligan was charged with the following:Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a PersonOperating a Vehicle While IntoxicatedPossession of a Controlled SubstancePossession of a Controlled SubstanceUnlawful Possession or Use of a Legend Drug knowingly possess or use X, a Legend DrugHer bond was set at $4300 full cash and she was released on December 29 at 6:21p.According to a probable cause affidavit filed in the arrest of , Indiana State Police found only one and a half prescription pills in her purse after her arrest due to a traffic stop. The pills were taken by police to a local pharmacy where they were identified as generic forms of Adderral and Suboxone, both prescription drugs, according to State Police Sgt. Carey Huls. There was no alcohol or other drugs found in the vehicle or on her person. Milligan has returned to her role as Washington County Clerk however, Judge Larry Medlock issued an order on Thursday, January 24 that banned Milligan from handling any of the clerk’s duties regarding her own case.Those duties have been shifted to Harrison County Clerk Sherry Brown. Medlock wrote in the order, “That it is appropriate to relieve the Clerk and her deputies of any and all duties in [her case in]which Sarah Milligan the elected Clerk is charged with multiple Felonies and due to it being a direct conflict of interest and having the general appearance of impropriety for the Clerk to oversee the filings against her finds the situation untenable and that emergency action must be taken to insure the integrity of thejudicial process”Medlock noted that Special Judge John Evans of the Harrison Circuit Court was randomly assigned as Special Judge by the district’s administrate assignment Judge.“This court now finds and orders that the Clerk of the Harrison County Circuit Court is assigned the responsibilities of Special Clerk to accept, process and disseminate all fixture filings and Orders,” Medlock noted. “This Court is taking this extraordinary measure to protect the public’s interest and to avoid the appearance of impropriety and insure the orderly dispensation ofjustice.”last_img read more