Intel’s VP of Business Client Platforms, Tom Garrison, Helps IT Leaders Drive Digital Change and Improve ROI

first_imgI have to admit, I’m fairly new to Intel’s business client team. Most of my Intel colleagues have held their jobs for well over a decade, making them an invaluable resource as I try to learn as much as I can about how Intel plays in the B2B client space. Tom GarrisonOpens in a new window, VP of Business Client Platforms, is one such colleague. He started at Intel over 20 years ago as a Field Sales Engineer and has risen through the ranks to now lead a team dedicated to helping CIO’s and top IT leaders solve their toughest business technology challenges.When I discovered Tom was leading two conference sessions at the Gartner Symposium in BarcelonaOpens in a new window this November, I felt it would be the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about digital business transformation and discover how Intel is planning on solving the challenges surrounding an emerging digital workplace. Not only did Tom take the time to answer a few of my key questions, shared below, Intel is also affording me the opportunity to travel to Barcelona where I’ll be reporting on the highlights and key takeaways from the event.The Gartner Symposium event seriesOpens in a new window just wrapped up an event in Orlando, featuring Intel’s Chad ConstantOpens in a new window, and will continue with conferences in Barcelona and Las Vegas. The theme of the series is all about digital business and includes tracks that help IT leaders plan for a digital future, architect the digital platform and transform the technology core. Along with identifying top business technology challenges, Tom lays out what IT leaders need to be focused on in 2017 and how to best navigate the journey toward digital.What are three steps you would recommend CIOs and IT leaders take in the next 90 days to prioritize driving digital change in their businesses?First and foremost: CIOs and IT leaders must begin evaluating the significant capability advances and ROI opportunity delivered by Microsoft Windows 10 on 6th Generation Intel Core vPro-based systems within the enterprise. The advancements in security, manageability, cost reduction and employee productivity are significant to the point where all enterprises should at least begin evaluating these opportunities.In addition to Win10 on modern hardware, all IT departments should begin or continue their evaluations of recent breakthroughs in hardened security (Intel® AuthenticateOpens in a new window), manageability (Intel® vPro™Opens in a new window), and conference room collaboration (Intel® Unite.Opens in a new window)Which top strategic technology trends demand CIOs and IT leaders attention in 2017?Intel’s business client strategy very much reflects the strategic technology trends that our CIO customers communicate to us:Providing employees with the flexible, powerful tools they need to be productive in an increasingly mobile work environment.Protecting the enterprise from the increase in frequency and financial loss associated with cyberattacks on business PCs.Facilitating the move to smart workspaces.Our customers tell us over and over again that these are their biggest pain-points and ask Intel to continue our development and innovation in these areas. Therefore our investments in powerful, flexible, and highly manageable business PCs, hardened security solutions such as Intel® Authenticate, and our collaboration tools such as Intel® Unite work to solve these challenges.With data security breaches on the rise, what are your top recommendations for ensuring data security? How are you working with your ecosystem?Corporate breaches follow a pattern, and understanding this pattern, or this anatomy, will help CIOs understand where to invest their security solutions to maximize benefit.The first step of this pattern is to attack the corporation’s access and identity management system. Typically this is accomplished by exploiting a weak or stolen username/password combination. Since many enterprises today rely solely on username/password to access the network, once this combination is exploited, the hacker has access to corporate data.True multifactor authenticationOpens in a new window represents the best mechanism to combat this. At the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Chad Constant and Microsoft executive, Rob Lefferts talked about how Intel and Microsoft are forging a deep security partnership that uniquely joins software and hardware to thwart attacks in a new way.What are your top recommendations on how IT departments can help boost ROI and productivity when considering a technology purchase?Enterprises are seeing the value that Windows 10 (Win10) on modern PCs powered by our 6th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor can deliver to the IT department as well as the business end user. Forrester published an ROI evaluation of Windows 10 alone and determined a 188 percent ROI on upgrading to Win10, and Jack Gold and Associates in 2015 found more than a 500 percent ROI based on productivity gains when comparing 6th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ platforms versus platforms only two years old. Combining this modern OS with modern hardware represents one of the biggest opportunities we have seen in a decade to significantly improve productivity and utility for the end-user, while delivering real cost savings for IT.How are you helping CIOs and IT leaders make the digital workplace a reality?Intel’s strategy to accelerate the digital workplace has three major components: device evolution, delivering advanced manageability and security, and collaboration.For devices, we have been engaged in a multi-year effort to advance the business PC to maximize its value in the digital workplace. In addition to the significant performance advancements we typically deliver, we have enabled significant advancements in form factor for devices such as ultra-thin and light notebooks, 2 in 1s, mini desktops and fully integrated all-in-ones. Increased employee mobility and workplace transformation have created the need for differentiated devices — some focusing on mobility, others focusing on performance, some requiring a blend between the two.Despite the need for differentiated devices, one thing is very clear: Employees still require and demand the effectiveness of a PC. A recent Intel survey of enterprise business users worldwide found that 92 percent of employees see their PC as very or extremely important to doing their job, and 91 percent would choose a PC if they were only allowed a single device.What can we expect from Intel at the Gartner Symposium and Summit events?Our goal will be to share not only details of the technologies Intel is delivering for the digital workplace, but to share insights and the data behind our investment and innovation strategies.Tell us about the sessions you are leading at the Gartner Symposium Barcelona event.I will be providing additional details, data, and customer examples around strategies and products — our investments and innovations in PCs, security, IT manageability and the move to smart workspaces. I will also be talking about the collaboration that I have been engaged in with my counterparts at Microsoft. The current level of partnership between Intel and Microsoft – this is really exciting time for us in terms of the velocity and magnitude of the solutions we are able to bring to market together.Gartner Event DetailsThe Gartner Symposium, is a series of events including a European stop in Barcelona on November 6–10th 2016. The conference brings together like-minded CIOs and senior IT executives who will be solving digital workplace transformation challenges and shaping emerging technology trends for 2017. I’m excited to have the opportunity to attend this event and will be sharing highlights via @IntelITCenterOpens in a new window and @LisaPeytonOpens in a new window.You can follow Tom on Twitter, @tommgarrisonOpens in a new window, for ongoing news and the latest developments in information technology.If YOU are planning to attend the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, I would LOVE to meet you! Just shoot me a tweet or email me at Also be sure to attend Tom’s workshop sessions, both scheduled for Wednesday, November 9:10:00–10:45 a.m.: Three Steps to Making a Digital Workplace a Reality6:00–6:20 p.m. Intel Enhances Collaboration and Security for a Digital Worldlast_img read more

Jurassic ‘butterflies’ predated true butterflies by 50 million years

first_imgIf you traveled back in time 150 million years, you might encounter the familiar sight of butterflies sipping nectar—only the insects wouldn’t be butterflies. They would be an extinct group of lacewings called kalligrammatids, which pollinated long-ago relatives of pine trees and cycads, according to a study published online this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The researchers analyzed 20 kalligrammatid fossils (like the one pictured at right), and found striking similarities to butterflies (like the owl butterfly at left). Most fossils sported “eye spots” on their wings, and microscopic techniques revealed tube-shaped mouthparts and wing scales. Some of the insects had pollen on their faces. But kalligrammatids and butterflies are only distantly related, indicating that they evolved their nectar-sucking lifestyles independently. Moreover, kalligrammatids couldn’t have fed on flowers, because the few flowers that existed at the time were the wrong shape. According to the researchers, the ancient insects probably pollinated nonflowering plants that dominated the Jurassic and early Cretaceous landscape. When flowering plants took over about 100 million years ago, both the kalligrammatids and the plants they fed on went extinct. Butterflies and tube-shaped flowers arose together about 50 million years later, showing how new players can evolve to fill ancient roles.last_img read more

Parma defiant over Inter targets

first_imgParma boss Roberto D’Aversa has warned Inter that they “will have to look elsewhere” in January, amidst Matteo Darmian and Dejan Kulusevski links. Inter have been heavily linked with the Parma pair in recent weeks as Antonio Conte seeks more squad depth, but D’Aversa issued a hands-off warning to the Nerazzurri and their coach. “Conte will have to look elsewhere,” he told Tutti Convocati. “I have a great relationship with him. I have issues with numbers. The squad has improved in quality, but it’s still small. “More than fixing his situation, I have to think of my own.” Darmian has missed just two of Parma’s games this season through injury, while Kulusevski has already registered five assists. However, the latter is only on loan from Atalanta, who may choose to cash in on the Sweden starlet while his stock his high. Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: read more

Bruh moment of 17th November 2019: Italian coach wins 27-0 – and gets fired…

first_imgImage Courtesy: la Repubblica/GS TVAdvertisementBig wins, thrashing opponents, routing rivals- always a thing of utter success for a club’s players and managers, right? If you push several goals past your opponent’s net while maintaining a clean sheet for your team, you should get a raise from the club for being such a hefty manager. Well, not in the case of Invictasauro, as a monumental and unbeliveable 27-0 win against rivals is causing the gaffer Massimiliano Riccini to lose his job!Image Courtesy: la Repubblica/GS TVYou’ve probably never heard of them, but ASD Invictasauro is a club from Grosseto, Italy that competes in an Italian junior league. They recently won a 27-0 derby against their rivals Marina Calcio. But the big victory has come down to be detrimental for Massimiliano Riccini, as the club believes the huge win is a sign of disrespect and bad example for the youth.The club’s president Paolo Brogelli in a recent interview stated on his decision to sack Riccini.“We were stunned and deeply regretful when hearing that our Juniores team had beaten Marina Calcio 27-0. The values of youth team football are antithetical to such a thing. The opponent must always be respected and that did not happen today.”“As President, I sincerely apologise to the Marina club. I announce that our directors decided, unanimously, to sack coach Riccini. Our coaches have the duty to train young players, but above all to educate them. That did not happen today.”Advertisementlast_img read more

Roger Federer has shown everyone that impossible is nothing: Vijay Amritraj to India Today

first_imgRoger Federer, 35, won his fifth Australian Open title after overwhelming long-time nemesis Rafael Nadal in a thrilling final. Federer thus extended his legacy to 18 Grand Slams.Few sporting stories turn out to be as perfect as this one.Written off for close to five years now, since his last triumph being at the 2012 Wimbledon, Federer was in a battle with himself to prove that he can do it again and against the greatest competitor ever. (Tendulkar to Roger Federer: The whole world salutes your tears of victory)India’s foremost voice in Tennis, Vijay Amritraj, who has witnessed champions at Wimbledon and around the world for over 40 years as a player and commentator, rated Sunday’s final as even better than the ‘finale of a lifetime’ 2008 Wimbledon final.Speaking exclusively to India Today, Vijay said, “This one is greater for the simple reason that in 2008 both were younger. When you are young, passion is different. Today nine years later, to see both of them fight again was magnificent because they dug so deep. Not for the fans and spectators, not for their teams, but for themselves. People like me who have been in a position to have to push yourself, take more out of yourself, we understand what it takes. And then came the great speeches by them. As Federer said, a draw would have been fair.”What made this feat by Federer even greater was that it came after an injury lay-off of 6 months. During this time, chorus of how he is too old now and cannot compete with the likes of Novak Djokovic grew louder. (Six encounters that define Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal rivalry)advertisement”I have been asked last five years whether Federer will win a slam. I always insisted that it is possible because you can never question greatness. The important thing to notice here is what took him to get there. We should truly appreciate and celebrate the work that went into this for both Federer and Nadal. At the ages of 35 and 30, to get to this pinnacle, within themselves, takes enormous work,” Amritraj said.Many are now calling this Federer’s greatest slam win ever. This was the first time in 10 years he had beaten Nadal in a major. “If you ask Federer, he would probably say his first title was important and exciting. But in my opinion winning this one was also important for variety of reasons. At this age, to beat his friend and rival, to dig deep after being 1-3 down in the final set, coming through two other five set matches, winning when no one expected as 17th seed, is truly amazing. What he has achieved in Australia has shown everyone that impossible is nothing.” (Roger Federer overcomes Rafael Nadal to win fifth Australian Open title)But Amritraj was hesitant to name Federer as the GOAT – Greatest of all time – outright. “We are living in the presence of greatness. It’s tough to say that he is the greatest, it is also tough to say no. But we do have to remember the likes of Rod Laver who completed two ‘grand slams’, one as an amateur and one as a professional. Those players didn’t get to play as many opens as players do today. Federer is right up there.”last_img read more

Exclusive: India goalkeeper Gurpreet Sandhu wanted to be a cricketer first

first_imgGurpreet Singh Sandhu is the big wall of Indian football, India’s No.1 goalkeeper and the only Indian player to have played in the Europa League. At a mere age of 26, Gurpreet has achieved all of that and there’s surely much more in store for him.But here’s the catch, football was not the first sport he tried his hands on. It was cricket that Gurpreet first looked to pursue but the game that has got a whole nation enamoured did not “excite” him much.Gurpreet’s massive reach, big hands, strong core and excellent ability to read the ball is what makes him guard the Indian post so well but the 6 ft 4 inches keeper intially wanted to be a batsman.And not just that, he was at an academy playing cricket in his hometown Mohali for 3-4 days before he decided it was not fun for him.”I didn’t start with football. I started with cricket, to be honest. I started to play because of my dad, he is a big cricket fan and I live in Mohali, quite close to the PCA Stadium.”I wanted to be a batsman but the coach didn’t see it in me. He (his father) helped me get into an academy there but the first 3-4 days didn’t excite me much. When it’s not fun for you, you can’t do it and football was much more fun for me,” Gurpreet told Gurpreet Singh Sandhu said he did not even have a history of watching football before he began playing the game. (AIFF Photo)Not just cricket, Gurpreet also considered volleyball but then fate happened.advertisement”I also tried volleyball in school but that didn’t excite me either.”I then got into the football academy in my school. I joined them in 2000 when the coaches approached me and asked me if I wanted to play football. Before that I didn’t have any history of playing football or even watching football. That is how it all started for me!” Gurpreet stated.Also read – Sunil Chhetri brace helps India lift 2018 Intercontinental CupGurpreet is not only the Indian sportsperson to have begun with a different sport than the one they ended up playing for life. Former India captain MS Dhoni is a very well known example of the same.Dhoni wanted to be a footballer, in fact a goalkeeper, but fate landed him into cricket and wicketkeeping and the rest is history.However, Dhoni and a lot of Indian cricketers are massive followers of football and even play under Virat Kohli’s ‘All Hearts FC’ once a year. Recently when Sunil Chhetri made an appeal to Indian sports fans to come and watch the national football team play in the stadium, cricketing greats like Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar supported his appeal.While most Indian cricketers follow football, Gurpreet says it’s not the case vice-versa.”I don’t think many (footballers) follow but I like my cricket. I love my T20.”There’s not a particular (Indian Premier League) team I follow but I like MS Dhoni and Virat. They are very hard working people and I envy their hard work,” Gurpreet shared.The recent buzz around Indian football has been a refreshing change from the madness of India’s cricket-crazy nature but footballers and in fact, most other sportspersons still don’t get their due.@GurpreetGK kicking it long…#WeAreIndia #BackTheBlue #AsianDream Football Team (@IndianFootball) June 3, 2018Gurpreet feels it is a gradual progression, the signs of which are beginning to crop up. He felt India is beginning to become a multi-sport nation and the most important lesson for people out of it should be how they can use different sports to keep themselves fit.”It’s something we can’t change at the moment but something we have to gradually get into (about India’s focus on cricket). I think in the past 10 years, things have changed and we have become a multi-sport nation.Also read – Intercontinental Cup 2018: Another packed house as India play New Zealand”But at the end of the day, what I feel people should learn from this is how to keep themselves fit because at the end of the day, the message you’re sending is that you need to be healthy and sports is one of the ways to do that. You can’t just look at one sport and be like ‘oh, this is the sport’. You need to look at different sports and take what you can from it. Everyone is working so hard and people might want to replicate that in their lives,” the Red Bull athlete said.advertisementEven as Gurpreet garners praises from all corners for his stupendous show in the Intercontinental Cup, especially in the final, he says he wants more. He wants to see football getting backed in a much bigger manner in the future.”I’m a person who is never satisfied, I want more. I want more of everything. I want more to happen with football and you know it’s something that can happen. It’s not like something that can’t happen. We have seen it happen in the last two weeks.”last_img read more

Mane named Player of the Month

first_imgLiverpool Liverpool’s Mane named Premier League Player of the Month Ronan Murphy Last updated 2 years ago 00:24 9/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Sadio Mane Liverpool Getty Images Liverpool Sadio Mané Manchester City v Liverpool Manchester City Premier League The Senegal forward was chosen as the league’s best player after scoring in each of the Reds’ three games during the month of August Liverpool attacker Sadio Mane has been named as the Premier League Player of the Month for August after scoring three goals in three games.The Senegal international has found the net in all of Liverpool’s league games so far this season, having opened his account for 2017-18 in the 3-3 draw with Watford. He then bagged the only goal of the game to help the Reds defeat Crystal Palace before putting in an excellent display in the 4-0 victory over Arsenal, getting his name on the scoresheet alongside fellow forwards Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Daniel Sturridge.Mane 13/8 to score at City Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Mane had an excellent debut season last year following his £34 million move to Anfield from Southampton, finishing the season with 13 goals in 27 league games for Jurgen Klopp’s side. The 25-year-old missed some of the Reds’ campaign due to his involvement in the Africa Cup of Nations as well as an injury in the second-half of the season. Despite this, he was named as Liverpool’s Player of the Year as they qualified for the Champions League.His string of impressive performances for Liverpool have earned rave reviews from fans, pundits and former players. Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes that Mane is now more important to the club than Philippe Coutinho, backed up by the fact that he has a goal every 156 minutes since moving to Anfield.PlayedScoredSadio Mane is your @EASPORTSFIFA Player of the Month for August— Premier League (@premierleague) September 8, 2017″I’d make an argument for that, especially with the way Jurgen Klopp likes to play. I think he’s massively important,” Carragher told Sky Sports following Mane’s goal against Crystal Palace.”You see the goals that he’s got and his goals record for a wide player is phenomenal since he’s come to the club. All the other players on the list (players with the best minutes per goal ratio) are top strikers in the Premier League. For Mane to be there, it shows his impact.”If you compare him to Coutinho, who is a fantastic player which is why Barcelona want him, but if he carries on the way he is going, the top clubs around Europe will be looking at him because he has been a revelation since he came in.” Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

All Stars – Live!

first_imgAll Stars – Live! Watch the inaugural Touch Football All Stars game live at 3.00pm on Friday (4.00pm AEDST time). The NRL website will be live streaming the game, you can watch it live by clicking on the link below: Related LinksAll Stars – Live!last_img

Park View Education Centre First Accredited School on South Shore

first_imgPark View Education Centre has become the South Shore Regional School Board’s first accredited school, and the fifth overall in the province. The Bridgewater-area high school received the distinction under the Nova Scotia School Accreditation Program, today, May 29. Accreditation status took five years of work by Park View to set higher standards, increase student achievement and improve the school’s overall performance. “Park View Education Centre can be proud of its accomplishments,” said Education Minister Karen Casey. “I want to congratulate the staff, students, the school advisory committee and the entire school community, who put so much effort into a school-improvement strategy that is clearly increasing student achievement.” The school was among the first group of schools selected in 2003 to pilot the Nova Scotia Accreditation Program, a school-improvement process identified as a priority in Learning For Life II, the province’s multi-year plan for education. There are now 229 schools working on school-improvement plans. Park View focused its efforts on improving student achievement in literacy, enhancing overall school performance by establishing strategies to improve communication with parents and creating a safe and caring school climate. “The accreditation process has allowed us to carefully examine what we do, how well we do it and, most importantly, how we can improve,” said principal Charles Williamson. In October 2007, the school showed an external review team it had successfully met its goal of improving student achievement in provincial examinations, by increasing the average mark to 64 per cent, a 10 per cent improvement from 2003-04. The school also met its goal of creating a safer and more caring learning environment for students and staff. The school adopted a number of strategies, including Positive and Effective Behaviour Supports, to improve the learning environment. The Nova Scotia School Accreditation Program requires schools meet a standard of excellence based on goals that are specific and strategic, measurable, attainable, results-based and time-bound. Under the program, schools establish internal review teams to collect and evaluate data, to identify strengths and areas needing improvement. Based on the areas needing improvement, schools develop goals and a five-year school-improvement plan. The plan is examined by an external review team of independent educators and administrators who visit each school before approving it. Schools implement the improvement plan, and provide annual updates to school advisory councils. An accreditation team returns to the school after four years to assess the progress. Schools receive accreditation after they show progress toward their improvement-plan goals.last_img read more

BC promotes breastfeeding for infants in government care after court ruling

first_imgVICTORIA – The British Columbia government has outlined a five-point plan to promote breastfeeding and stronger mother-child bonds for infants who are in provincial care.The plan based on a report from the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the representative for children and youth is intended to support vulnerable women and their infants. Resources for the plan will be allocated as needed, said a statement from the ministry, which described it as a priority that the government will address in its budget next year and beyond.The province developed the plan after a B.C. Supreme Court ruling in February, which gave a mother daily access to her newborn, who was taken away three days after birth.“It’s a ruling we took seriously,” Katrine Conroy, the minister of children and family development, said on Wednesday. “We needed to take a closer look, not at an isolated incident, but as a matter of ministry policy.”The plan outlines guidelines for social workers to promote breastfeeding when infants are separated from their birth mothers, find ways to make breastmilk available to infants and address breastfeeding within the context of substance use.Over a four-year period starting in 2013-14, the report found that on an average, more than 500 infants who were under one year old entered government care and nearly 70 per cent of these infants were Indigenous.Bernard Richard, the representative for children and youth, described the number as significant.“A lot of very young lives are starting out away from their families, generally missing out on the proven lifelong health benefits of breastfeeding and bonding with parents,” he said.The report says the statistics highlight that the over-representation of Indigenous children and youth in care begins in infancy.Cheryl Casimer, a member of the B.C. First Nations Leadership Council, said she was disappointed because a tripartite working group on Indigenous child welfare that includes the council was not consulted.“It was not an issue that was brought to our attention and it was never brought forward to the table for discussion — nothing,” said Casimer, who is also a member of the political executive of the First Nations Summit.“I’m just really surprised. We have stated numerous times to both levels of government that anything that has to do about us cannot be done without us.”Casimer said as a mother, she understands the benefits of breastfeeding. There are long-term effects when First Nations children are taken out of hospitals and placed in care, she said, adding she is glad to see that the government is seriously looking at ways to decrease the number of children going into care and supporting breastfeeding initiatives.The plan is just one piece of the solution, Casimer said.“The issue is much larger than just putting together a five point breastfeeding plan. When they talk about decreasing the number of Aboriginal children going into care, well, how do you do that?” she asked.Sonia Furstenau, a Green party member of the legislature, said the government’s plan should be backed up by more resources to support new mothers and infants.“Today’s action plan is a step forward, however much more is needed, including funding for programs that will keep mothers and infants together,” Furstenau said in a statement.“This announcement is focused on directives and research. What’s needed is funding to be provided so that mothers are given all the support necessary to ensure the bond between them and their infants is established and maintained.”Teresa Pitman of La Leche League Canada, which encourages and provides education on breastfeeding, said while the plan is a positive first step towards breastfeeding, it seems to be at a preliminary stage.“They are talking about developing guidelines and procedures but haven’t defined what they will be,” she said. “That makes it hard to say how practical it is since we don’t know what those guidelines will be.”last_img read more

Foreign Ministry Announces Official Delegation for Western Sahara Talks

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced its delegation to the Western Sahara talks in Geneva Wednesday and Thursday, December 5-6.Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita will lead the delegation.The delegation will also include Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Omar Hilale, President of the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region Sidi Hamdi Ould Errachid, and President of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region Ynja Khattat. The Laayoune and Dakhla regions lie within Western Sahara. Fatima Adli, a member of the Smara municipal council, will be also accompanying the delegation.Read Also: Bourita to Lead Moroccan Delegation to UN Western Sahara Talks in GenevaThe Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General Horst Kohler invited Morocco to the talks on September 28. The ministry emphasized that the invitation was sent to Morocco, Algeria, the Polisario Front, and Mauritania.The spokesperson of the Moroccan government, Mustapha El Khalfi, said that the UN meeting in Geneva is a roundtable for talks and not for negotiations.He emphasized that there will be no direct negotiations at the roundtable with Polisario, and Morocco will not accept any solution against its sovereignty in the southern provinces.The meeting in Geneva is an initial move toward future negotiations to find a mutually acceptable and an agreed upon solution to end the Western Sahara conflict.It remains to be seen whether Algeria will accept its role in the conflict. Morocco considers Algeria’s involvement in the UN-led political process a priority. Algeria, however, considers itself only an “observer” to the conflict.Morocco refers to Algeria as a main party. The Moroccan diplomatic corps was satisfied with the decision of the UN Security Council, when it adopted Resolution 2440, to mention Algeria as a “neighboring” country instead. Morocco also welcomed the resolution’s decision to call on Algeria and the other parties to work “constructively” with Kohler throughout the UN-led process. read more

Algeria takes action against corruption, questions tycoons

ALGIERS, Algeria — Algerian authorities are embarking on a “Clean Hands” campaign aimed at rooting out corruption that has been linked to top tycoons and current and former government officials.Corruption is a major complaint of the masses of protesters who helped drive longtime leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika from office earlier this month, often chanting “You have ruined the country, gang of thieves!” New protests are scheduled for Friday.Several influential Algerians have been questioned or arrested in recent days. Among them is Issad Rebrab, head of Algeria’s biggest private conglomerate Cevital, who is suspected of possible customs-related violations, according to prosecutors. Rebrab tweeted that he went in voluntarily for questioning.Others targeted include a legislator accused of accepting bribes from a Chinese company, three brothers and Industry Ministry officials suspected of influence trading, and a former energy minister.Aomar Ouali, The Associated Press read more

No-say Nissan had tech that drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault idea

TOKYO — Nissan wasn’t consulted on the proposed merger between its alliance partner Renault and Fiat Chrysler, but the Japanese automaker’s reluctance to go along may have helped bring about the surprise collapse of the talks.Analysts say Nissan has as its crown jewel the technology of electric vehicles and hybrids that Fiat Chrysler wanted, and others had underestimated Nissan’s reluctance.Fiat Chrysler pulled out of the talks, blaming the French government.France said it needed more time to win over Nissan.Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa told reporters late Thursday he wanted time to learn what the Fiat Chrylser-Renault merger might mean for Nissan.He reiterated reservations about a full merger with Renault.Nissan makes the world’s bestselling electric car Leaf.Emissions regulations are tightening worldwide, making such technologies appealing.The Associated Press read more

Darfur blue helmets scaling up protection of civilians official says

27 April 2009With a “low-intensity” war continuing in Sudan’s Darfur region, the joint United Nations-African Union force (UNAMID) has increasingly prevented large-scale civilian disasters, the mission’s chief said today. With a “low-intensity” war continuing in Sudan’s Darfur region, the joint United Nations-African Union force (UNAMID) has increasingly prevented large-scale civilian disasters, the mission’s chief said today.“Our UNAMID teams are working around the clock to prevent killings, violence and new conflict from developing,” Rodolphe Adada told the Security Council in a regular briefing on Darfur this morning.The mission is now deployed in every part of Darfur, with two-thirds of its mandated military personnel in place, along with civilian police and civil affairs, human rights, political affairs officers and staff of the Darfur-Darfur dialogue, Mr. Adada said.“We are increasingly speaking with authority on the situation on the ground,” he stressed, citing UNAMID’s constant close contacts with all the parties and its close monitoring of the situation.He said the mission’s success has been modest, however, due to a lack of political progress, which alone could stop the bloodshed in the region, where an estimated 300,000 people have been killed and another 2.7 million have been forced from their homes since fighting erupted in 2003, pitting rebels against Government forces and allied Janjaweed militiamen.“Darfur today is a conflict of all against all,” he said. The Government is still fighting rebel movements, but now the armed groups fight among each other and banditry and the breakdown of law and order have become endemic, Mr. Adada, who serves as UN-African Union (AU) Joint Representative, said.The most dangerous factors at the moment are the military engagement between the Government and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the precarious relations between Sudan and Chad.He maintained that the situation has changed, however, from the period of the most intense hostilities in 2003-2004, when tens of thousands of people were killed. Since UNAMID took over command from the AU force on 1 January 2008, there have been approximately 2000 civilian deaths due to violence, or about 130-150 a month, he estimated.In comments to the press after the meeting, he told correspondents that “this is too many human beings.” However, Mr. Adada stressed, the toll had not only been scaled down from earlier periods, but UNAMID had actually prevented mass deaths from occurring in some instances, citing examples in which it protected civilians trapped between armed forces, in camps and in the midst inter-tribal clashes.Civilian officers had also stepped into other situation to promote reconciliation at the local level and, as a result, local agreements had helped stabilize many parts of Darfur.The mission still faced a raft of challenges, on the other hand, in addition to the frozen peace process. Not least of these was the unfilled need for military helicopters for mobility in treacherous situations.It was even possible that some of the 14 UNAMID peacekeepers who have been killed in action so far could have been rescued if such helicopters were available, he said at the press encounter following his briefing to the Council.The expulsion of 14 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) following the indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir by the International Criminal Court (ICC) had also caused “a significant interruption” to essential supplies and services, though UNAMID did not have a mandate for humanitarian aid in Darfur.In other news on UNAMID, a UN spokesperson said that a team from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) arrived in Darfur yesterday to conduct an evaluation of the mission, as well as its challenges and constraints, over the next two weeks. The evaluation will be used in efforts to make the Mission more effective and to provide other missions with expertise gained from the UNAMID experience, the spokesperson said.Also, UNAMID’s Deputy Force Commander, Major-General Emmanuel Karake Karenzi of Rwanda, will soon be leaving his post and will be replaced by Major-General Duna Dumisani of South Africa, it was announced. read more

UN official lauds role of peacekeepers in Sudan Haiti and Côte dIvoire

Alain Le Roy, the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, noted at a media briefing at UN Headquarters that the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) had facilitated the successful holding of the referendum for the self-determination of Southern Sudan in January, despite fears that the vote would have to be delayed and that war could break out again.In Haiti, the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), helped bring under control the unrest that followed the first round of presidential elections last November and facilitated the successful conclusion of the second round of the poll last month, Mr. Le Roy said.This month, the UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI), while implementing its mandate under Security Council resolutions, took action to prevent the use of heavy weapons against civilians in the city of Abidjan by forces loyal to former president Laurent Gbagbo, Mr. Le Roy added.“In the three cases, the peacekeepers made a huge difference,” Mr. Le Roy said. “The UN one more time stood firm in conformity with what the Security Council asked us to do and we were able to clearly make the difference,” he added.He paid tribute to UN members of staff who have died during the past 10 days, the majority of them working in peacekeeping missions. The staff were killed in Haiti, Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where a plane crash in the capital, Kinshasa, on 4 April claimed the lives of 32 people, including many UN staff.Anthony Banbury, Assistant Secretary-General for the Department of Field Support (DFS), told the media briefing that the his department, in coordination with the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), has embarked on major reforms on how to support peacekeeping missions.“We are working very hard to improve our operational capability,” said Mr. Banbury, explaining that the reforms include such measures as the setting up of a global service centre in Brindisi, Italy, and a regional service centre in Entebbe, Uganda.The department is also implementing cost reduction. “We are looking very hard at where we can reduce the cost of peacekeeping operations without compromising our operational capabilities,” said Mr. Banbury. Cost-cutting steps include regionalization of the use of aircraft, inventory reduction and keeping vehicles for longer periods.“These measures that are being implemented by the United Nations now are going to have a very important medium- and long-term impact on our ability to deliver on the expectations of our host populations and governments, on the mandates of the Security Council, taking into account the very difficult financial situations that some of our Member States are facing,” said Mr. Banbury. 15 April 2011The head of the United Nations peacekeeping department today praised the role played by blue helmets in recent months in Sudan, Haiti and Côte d’Ivoire, saying their presence made a critical difference during difficult operating circumstances. read more

Katchatheevu not open for talks

The government today said that it would not hold any discussions with India over an issue to renegotiate the Katchatheevu island which is located in the Palk Strait after a recent proposal by Tamil Nadu urging the Indian government to re-discuss with its neighbours.The island which is known for its strategic importance and special significance for fishing operations in the area was ceded by India to Sri Lankan in 1974. “Katchatheevu is an integral part of our country and we are not open for discussions on this matter. I am sure even the Indian central government will not consider raising this issue,” Senaratne said.In June 2011, the Tamil Nadu government led by former Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the declaration of the 1974 and 1976 agreements between India and Sri Lanka on ceding of Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka as unconstitutional. However the Tamil Nadu Parliamentarians on Thursday said the Indian government must reconsider the exchange of Katchatheevu as it was not done through a constitutional amendment and has not served India’s interest. Cabinet Spokesperson Rajitha Senaratne however said that the government would not hold discussions with India on the matter as the island belonged to Sri Lanka. In 2014, M. Karunanindhi, Tamil Nadu politician and past Chief Minister, filed a writ petition seeking, retrieval of the island from Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Brock celebrates Open Access Week

What do Brock researchers think about Open Access, a global movement promoting free access to academic research? How are scholarly publishing issues, such as the crisis in journal pricing, affecting the Brock University community?Find out on Oct. 25, when the Brock Library and the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Scholarly Publishing present events highlighting Open Access Week, an international annual celebration of open scholarship.• 11 a.m.-12 p.m. — Open Access Fact or Fiction Prize Wheel: spin the wheel and win a sweet prize.Location: Library main floor.• 1-1:15 p.m. — Introduction to Open Access and related Library services with Elizabeth Yates, Scholarly Communication Librarian.Location: TH 253• 1:15- 2:15 p.m. — Panel discussion with members of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Scholarly Publishing, including co-chairs Mark Robertson, University Librarian, and Joffre Mercier, Associate Vice-President Research for the Natural and Health Sciences. Hear highlights from the committee’s discussions with Brock stakeholders on issues including scholarly publishing and open access.Location: TH 253• 2:30-3:30 p.m. — Explore Brock’s Digital Repository, an online archive showcasing and preserving the Brock community’s scholarly output, with Tim Ribaric, Digital Services Librarian.Location: TH 253To see how academic communities around the globe are participating in International Open Access Week click here. read more

Star WarsVolkswagen Commercial May Be Super Bowl XLVs Best

first_imgVolkswagen just couldn’t keep the lid of the upcoming Super Bowl ad for the new Passat–and frankly it’s not tough to see way. This is some adorable stuff, right here. In it, a pint-sized Darth Vader attempts to control everything in his parents’ house via the force, while “The Imperial March” plays in the background.Anyone else gunning for adorable points during half-time not named “The Puppy Bowl” will be hard-pressed to outgun VW’s dejected Sith-in-training. Video after the jump. AdChoices广告last_img read more

City council accepting applications for seat

first_imgBattle Ground – The Battle Ground City Council will accept applications for Position No. 6 until 4 p.m. Dec. 14. The council has a vacant position due to the death of Bill Ganley, who died recently after a yearslong battle with cancer.Eligible applicants must be registered to vote in Clark County and a Battle Ground resident continuously for at least one year preceding the appointment.Ganley was on extended leave from the council but still considered a councilman.Cherish DesRochers was appointed to his position in July on a pro tem basis until the term finished or until Ganley returned. With Ganley’s death, DesRochers is no longer considered pro tem, according to Bonnie Gilberti, city spokeswoman. The new councilor will not be considered a pro tem councilor, and will be appointed by the current council to finish out the term, which runs through December 2017.Applications are available on the city’s website,, or at Battle Ground City Hall, 109 S.W. First St. For more information, contact City Clerk Kay Kammer at 360-342-5008 or read more