New Year approaching the shop safety precautions which

every year, the year is shop business is hot time, the best time is traders make money. At this point, the major shops are naturally ready to work. In short, the year is approaching, all businesses will enter the sales season. In today’s information era, in order to improve the level of sales, many businesses have resorted to all kinds of information transmission through the exhaust all the skills, tools, more product information and product promotion propaganda, achieved good results.

, however, is more in the sales season is more to pay attention to security, anti fraud, robbery and other security issues, otherwise, it may be due to negligence, causing unnecessary economic losses. In order to let everyone raise vigilance, strengthen prevention, prevent theft, robbery, fraud prevention act, the following safety measures, for reference: read more

Zhengzhou provident fund to buy a maximum loan 600 thousand

house is every person’s life event, the house seems to be settled, we become rooted in a city, so many people do not hesitate to slaves, also want to have a house of their own in the city. Zhengzhou housing provident fund loans to relax the policy, the first suite of up to 600 thousand yuan loans, and not to pay the balance of the deposit." For online accounts, reporters yesterday linked to the Zhengzhou housing provident fund management center responsible person, he said, Zhengzhou has been the implementation of the new policy provident fund loans, the purchase of the first suite loan amount up to 600 thousand yuan, and no deposit balance hook. read more

How Jobs was successful

there are three apples in the world are more famous, one is eaten by Adam and Eve of apple, and one is hit the apple on the head of Newton, the last one is the apple invented by Jobs! Apple’s mobile phones are very popular in the world, a cell phone can have such a big reputation, it is too powerful, let us look at the Apple’s father Jobs’s legendary entrepreneurial path.

1955 Apple was born in February 24th, Steve · Jobs was born in San Francisco, he was just born, cruel ruthless at a San Francisco restaurant’s bar manager with the chic mother abandoned. Fortunately, a good couple took in the poor bastard.

19 years old, just read the first grade university Jobs, whim, dropped out of school to become a clerk Atari video game company. Before long, the young and the restless he was interested in Buddhism, even don’t go to India, across the seas follow archmages practice. The results not only learn Buddha, as can be imagined, the road also suffered. He had to return to the Atari made an engineer. read more

How to venture less detours

not every entrepreneur can be successful, we often encounter a lot of problems on the way, sometimes we will go a lot of detours. When faced with the problem, only a timely solution to let you go further. Venture is a venture capital, we only try to reduce the occurrence of errors in order to better entrepreneurship. So how to venture less detours?

startup funds should not be too high, avoid debt or invest all savings. At the beginning of the beginning of the office conditions are simple, but also, the success rate of new business often only 20%~30%. Seriously consider inviting partners. Should be completed before the start: business license, product, technology, authorization, receipts, invoices, aftermarket, but also the development of the site. read more

What are the three aspects of the shop name

in order to give the shop a good name, a name can be attracted to consumers, many shopkeepers in the name of the shop but the choice of a lot of time. Wife opened a small shop (name not to say), the name does not seem to be any special place, but she chose to spend some time, we talk about the name of the following should pay attention to the problem.

first, try not to name the same with other people.

on the one hand, not to get confused when buyers active search; on the other hand, you don’t need to borrow someone else’s name and credit delusion to bring their own, it is possible to avoid a similar baby. But Taobao’s name multitude, we encountered a problem when choosing the name: whatever you can think of the name, as if others are used, after repeated screening, we finally selected, fortunately, no name. read more

Pengshan District, the establishment of 18 million yuan innovation and entrepreneurship fund to prom

policy innovation and entrepreneurship should be thoroughly with the provinces and cities, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the role of innovation and entrepreneurship, so that more people in this preferential policy, realize the wealth of life.

2 25, the reporter learned from the Pengshan District of Meishan city to understand, to encourage innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, in 2016, 18 million yuan to set up the innovation fund, mainly for subsidies, incentives, loan interest subsidies and other support to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

What is the name of the Taobao children’s clothing store

named to the shop, which is very important for the store, but if you can master the relevant skills, the name of the work can become easy. However, in addition to master the relevant skills, but also need to comply with the relevant principles, so as to ensure that such a name for the development of the shop has a better role. So, Taobao children’s clothing store named principle?

first, don’t take meaningless names. Taobao children’s clothing store name taboo people scratching their heads, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not sensible choices. read more

With the mentality of playing mahjong to entrepreneurship hundred percent success

mahjong is definitely unique to the Chinese game. Love mahjong friends all know, mahjong is the essence of "the top card of home, home, home to Dingsi, washed three". If the mentality of playing mahjong to venture, there is no unsuccessful!

mahjong human qualities:

1, each must arrive, never late to leave early. Strong sense of time.

2, do not complain, do not care about the environment: a few small square, smoking, have athlete’s foot, can be accepted. To bear all the bad environmental factors in the process of success. read more

1 yuan laundry small business can be a monthly income of million

      in some urban and rural areas of Lanzhou, some hanging 1 yuan laundry brand store, to provide convenience to the residents at the same time, has quietly become a new industry to make money. 1 yuan shop owner is the leader of his horse, he not only out of a new way to get rich, and the highest monthly income of up to million. Yesterday, he told reporters about their entrepreneurial experience.

read more

Cereal grains steamed stuffed bun join details

health needs of mass consumption makes many catering industry in the transformation of the time did not forget to integrate health elements, we all know that the health food grain grain health square grain powder, but now you have not thought about, the traditional diet and health elements of modern health will be derived from compatible what kind of consumer goods? Can you see if you can meet your requirements.

grain pack is the main grain Valley grain chain catering chain Limited by Share Ltd’s flagship brand, from Hongkong Poly International Consulting Management Co., Ltd. core team. Committed to the research, development and production of cereals snacks, beverages, advocating green, healthy, scientific concept of diet led the national breakfast revolution". read more

Hongia investment and three good juice stew pot

has a unique cuisine, always very attractive. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join Hong Ji Huang how three cooking juice? Quality projects, worry free business, has always been a very trusted brand.

Hong Ji Huang three cooking delicious juice? Taste good, but as long as a few people can make this delicious. Delicious soup stuffy good taste. Hongia and three juice stew pot 58 thousand and 800 yuan, open your catering business trip, 20 square meters of shops can operate 2-3 operation handy, the core technology of headquarters, the key ingredient in uniform distribution, not impossible to join venture. Making hongia and three juice stew pot stew pot is completed in the guest table, without standard kitchen, no chef, a pot of stew, baked, boiled to enjoy the fun, let chowhound cannot extricate oneself, always think. At the same time, this is a low cost, high income items, I hope the franchisee can seize the opportunity. read more

How to choose a brand – cake to join the whole

cake is a lot of friends favorite dessert, if you want to open a cake shop, how to choose a good brand? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

is now a professional cake chain sites, a lot of good projects, and investors want to go to join the chain of entrepreneurial road, cake to join the brand how to choose? You need to understand the background and the joining strength of the company, mainly to see whether it really has the ability to support the market for this product, that is to say, it’s the company size, economic strength and market operation ability, advertising support, and other follow-up support and service. read more

Early start to the ten thing to understand is what the whole

business is not a strength of hard work, a lot of the time, to learn more about some things, for their own career development will have a very big help. As a senior vice president of Fortune 100 companies in the United States, providing IT services for the world’s 48 thousand end users is not an easy thing. Long working hours, high pressure, but also encounter critical customers. Even so, it’s nothing compared to entrepreneurship.

is the 10 thing I want to know before I start a business, because they could have helped me through the more important years of the startup. read more

Chinese entrepreneurs youth feast 80, the rise of 90

has policy support, with the help of social forces, Chinese entrepreneurs really ushered in the golden age". And now the entrepreneurial groups, 80, 90 has been rising, the green is a witness to the young entrepreneurs miracle.


2016 in March 12th, the Youth Exchange "Internet plus double China Changsha launching ceremony cum Green Exchange settled in Hunan successfully concluded Changsha! For this event, many young people home exchange, continuous working round the clock for several days, finally trust. At the moment of the end of the ceremony, hardships, sweat, joy, touched countless emotions gushing out, this is the season of youth, this is youth feast. read more

4 trends of nternet development in China in 2015

century is an era of mobile Internet, at the same time, in such an era, an era of opportunities and challenges, investors will also have the eye of investment to the mobile Internet industry, so the future development of mobile Internet, what are the trends?

Internet on all aspects of our life have great influence, so this year Chinese in the rapid development of the industry and what new changes? Professionals have a lot of predictions, with China’s rapid development of the network to see what the trend of development. read more