Do not want to test the development of the material to test the higher RO does not fly

on a Sunday when train internal training in an enterprise, in order to express more intuitive creative material = + core selling good use of this point of view, to attract a group of drilling in the promotion of material exhibition. Three the same copy, the first two are model + + product copy of the layout, and the third is to copy + creative character typesetting method, the test results show that in the first third coke hit rate is 4.2%, the two remained at 2%.

analysis after the completion of these pictures, the students asked a question I’ve been trying to confirm before: three creative which ROI higher. For this problem, I give the student’s reply is this: to my current level, temporarily unable to test which ROI higher. read more

Cross border electricity supplier across the gray zone

specializes in doing business Meng Meng, today, the United States to California housewife Linda sent an e-mail to answer the details of the direction of his online shopping oven. This is a bit like the domestic Taobao trading, but Meng boss buyers are not at home, the business between them is cross-border trade e-commerce.

novel, but true. Import and export difficulties present in the traditional mode, cross-border e-commerce is an amazing momentum stride forward singing militant songs.

recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued "on the implementation of relevant policies to support cross-border e-commerce retail outlet", for cross-border e-commerce that are not in the scope of Customs Statistics of emerging business, open up Easy Access teshiteban, the province of Hangzhou, Ningbo became one of the first pilot city. Today, the pilot full moon, how to progress? This reporter visited the relevant enterprises, departments, to explore what. read more

Ma Yun do not confuse Ali and other electricity supplier companies

Abstract: Ma seems to understand the outside world, the challenge and Ali may not understand the same. He used a metaphor: simple to engage in e-commerce companies on the market today, as an opponent of Alibaba, is to take apples and apple trees, is not suitable for both sides."

Beijing time on the evening of October 8th, the first annual report, after the group released a listed Alibaba at the same time, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma to computer input one finger, personally written an open letter to shareholders, elaborated the future strategy, Ali platform advantage, capital market and competitors outside concern. read more listed supremacy cash hemostasis can only maintain the operation for two months


checkpoints success, attitude of foreign capital for China electricity supplier to positive or show. CFP for map

discount shopping website 18 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed an initial public offering (IPO) application documents, to be listed on the NYSE, to raise funds up to $125 million, to enhance the company’s IT system and some possible acquisitions.

if no accident, is expected to become the first U.S. listed Chinese electricity supplier in 2012. Since last August, (micro-blog) after the listing, there is no Chinese companies listed in the United States, even in a leading position in the industry company (micro-blog), Shanda Literature (micro-blog), handle network (micro-blog) have at hand, delay the IPO schedule. read more

Jingdong home Yan soldier 618 day not afraid of trouble in price

recently, vice president of Jingdong, home appliances division president Yan soldier during a 618 big promotion in a media interview said that the price should be a long-term behavior, the 618 day there will be some single product price adjustment than the low Jingdong, but only this one day.

not long ago, the United States announced the online activities of the 618 theme this year, do not speak, only parity". The United States pointed out that the United States online self all goods will participate in the Jingdong to buy expensive price parity, benchmarking three times to return, the highest return 300 yuan. In this regard, the Jingdong Yan soldier said: "this is a false proposition can not be used to say." read more

Baidu takeaway, the United States mission, hungry in Beijing area has been offline 8000 merchants

China financial network news September 22nd according to the Ministry of commerce website 21 News, recently, Baidu takeaway, the U.S. group, hungry 13 network ordering platform in the Beijing area has been offline business 8000, shop information publicity rate of nearly 9 into. But the individual platform rectification still not complete, some have been notified, including license expired license no dish business qualification and not public license information store has yet to be down or rectification. read more

SF EXPRESS’s official website system failure caused by delays can not query

(reporter Liu Xueyu) on the evening of September 6th, SF EXPRESS’s official website system failure caused by the query, and lead to some of the delays in shipment, as of now, the system has not yet returned to normal.

, the official website of the system is abnormal, I can not find any logistics information, can not find the phone to check the phone." Lee introduced 4 days ago, in order to give the old man’s birthday at home, he refused to sell the seller’s postal service, fear of ordinary courier delays, the choice of SF EXPRESS. "Add 28 yuan postage, that speed can be faster." Mr. Li said, the evening of 7, he learned that after the collapse of thought does not affect the normal delivery. Today, the old man’s birthday is over, the gift has not arrived, very disappointed." read more

2015 Taobao Tmall dual 11 activities detailed Tmall double play so eleven

official said 11 before suddenly remembered long ago, just double 11 singles.

first, in 2015 Taobao 11 (double) activities of review

2015 Taobao Tmall double 11 (double) activities, following the double in 2014 after the Alibaba, the group of the seventh double the 11 of the eleven. Today, the double 11 is not only Tmall or Ali carnival, but also the carnival of the people. At the same time, 2015 Taobao Tmall dual 11 main venue in the threshold, in addition to audition registration, set up shop shop red, full cut, undertake page settings, but also increased the seller to promote the rules of examination. read more

Holiday intensive part express outlets remote mail have late explosion

Beijing, September 30, (life channel Liu Xuhui) Mid Autumn Festival this year, National Day not far away, send gifts and other online shopping, especially hot, the courier industry has also ushered in the "golden nine silver ten" season. There are online shopping Daren said that the recent courier, always slower than usual one or two days, courier network customer service is also introduced, these days the number of sending and receiving the number increased significantly, a lot of pressure. Beijing life channel to remind users, the recent online shopping or mailing holiday gifts, need to make arrangements in advance, so as not to be blocked on the road. read more

Silicon Valley senior investor advice Fashion electricity supplier will go from here

Abstract: vertical electricity supplier than we thought it was closer to the general sense of the retailer. Despite the impression that these electricity suppliers or technology start-ups, they still need to follow the rules of the retail industry.

Nasty Gal (American fashion website) and ModCloth (Amoruso Sophia CEO Home Furnishing set of independent designer clothing and jewelry trading platform CEO Eric Koger) before departure is not a small billows in the business sector. Does this mean that the decline in the retail platform class vertical electricity supplier read more

Portal interview PHP168CEO committed to the influence of the nternet brand building


of this interview is PHP168CEO Qifeng Chang, the PHP168 ( is a famous domestic CMS system.

interview: a drop of water

Interviewee: PHP168


Qifeng Chang

today is honored to be invited to the small Su PHP168 CEO Chang Qifeng guest portal interview. Hello, and the portal through the webmaster friends say hello!

Chang Qifeng: small Su good, portal through the webmaster friends all good!

a drop of water: you first introduce yourself!

Chang Qifeng: compared with the predecessors of the Internet is quite successful in terms of speaking, I feel that they are a big grassroots. They belong to 80, with set, wearing several general in age not much difference between phpwind and discuz, both in the Internet this is done very well, there are a number of exchanges and cooperation between us. read more

The cross-border electricity supplier 2 times hits who is the next nternet upstart

set up from the beginning of Alibaba, e-commerce development in the country for 16 years, online shopping more than 360 million users, more than 1/4 of Chinese people have experienced online shopping. From 2012 onwards, with the rapid growth of domestic consumer demand for overseas products, spawned a cross-border electricity supplier in the 1 era, the growth of personal purchasing mode barbaric. 2014 became a turning point in cross-border electricity supplier, into the 2 era. The soldiers dispersed individuals purchasing mode gradually by the platform, the scale of the regular army replaced by purchasing consumer demand has been relatively mature and concentrated from cosmetics, baby products and garments and spread to the daily life is closely related to the Home Furnishing activities. read more

2014 P2P platform inventory the breakdown of those wonderful platform

2014 is the seventh year of the development of the P2P industry, the rapid development of Internet banking in the past year. Not only the new on-line platform at an alarming rate, "thunder" frequency is too busy to attend to all people. According to the China network data monitoring shows that as of December 29, 2014, the P2P industry a total of 261 problems platform, and in 2013 a total of 79 problem platform, the growth rate of up to 302.68%, a record high.

2014 P2P industry platform inventory read more

New pat net on the line this month cooperation with the mobile phone QQ sharing chain

DoNews July 7th, according to informed sources, after a month of testing period, Jingdong’s new pat Network will be formally launched this month, and in July 15th to 31 to carry out large-scale promotions. In this promotion, pat Network and mobile QQ will carry out strategic cooperation.

pat Network insiders, the pat Network and mobile phone QQ strategic cooperation, Jingdong and Tencent after another large-scale integration of resources to promote 618. But unlike WeChat and Q Center entrance of shopping patterns, pat Network and mobile phone QQ cooperation will mainly adopt the spread of social relationships chain: QQ mobile phone users to participate in interactive games, will not only get a pat on the network platform coupons, but also get a new signature icon pat Network and QQ mobile phone QQ chat bubble. read more

Electricity supplier hot logistics grab library busy Jingdong mall face to get the problem

logistics warehousing, Jingdong mall is now becoming Chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) the most headaches. He admitted that Jingdong needs a large warehouse, but now it is difficult to get the land and the cost is too high.

has more trouble than Liu Qiangdong. The outbreak of e-commerce, with the fire of the entire logistics industry. However, in order to have online shopping short board completely unmasked the logistics industry, which is the biggest bottleneck in warehouse logistics system at present. read more

Survey more than half of consumers said no sense of double eleven

October 30th news, the annual double eleven, it was crazy to sell, some people crazy to buy. In addition to the business performance of the consumer is the war be in full swing, a great spectacle". However, after five consecutive years of double after the promotion of the eleven, businesses and consumers seem to calm a lot. The day before, the state power grid for the consumer to do a survey, eleven of double view shows that 55% of respondents said they did not feel too much, not to ever so excited. read more

Tmall’s overall strategy to show the show side while watching Technology

August 23rd noon news, Tmall today announced cross-border cooperation with the fashion group, officially released a whole fashion strategy. In the Tmall new wind is still, fashion unbounded and 2014 Tmall autumn and winter fashion show scene, Tmall jointly launched the platform of the top 300 thousand brands of new autumn and winter, and the scene shows the side to see buy technology.

said Tmall will provide "brand fashion overall solution as a platform for businesses, by creating three-dimensional fashion media marketing system, to achieve a seamless connection between brands and consumers, establish electricity supplier fashion ecosystem. read more

Following the mask, clothing, food into the circle of friends, but you dare eat it

morning news reporter Yi Yi reported with the popularity of WeChat’s social platform, more and more people through the WeChat commodity marketing, circle of friends food industry has developed rapidly. Researcher at the municipal CPPCC members, East China Sea Fisheries China Aquatic Sciences Institute of June believes that good safe on the tongue, the circle of friends selling homemade food should not be vacuum, food business network online supervision system to improve, eliminate food safety hazards. read more