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first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Antonio touts jobs for young people” (July 11): I am glad that the mayor feels he has accomplished something with filling 307,000 potholes last year. What a joke. Where were these potholes? In the city of Los Angeles? How many were in the San Fernando Valley? Has he driven down Corbin Avenue between Roscoe Boulevard and Plummer Street? It is horrible. You need four-wheel drive. The whole road is a pothole. It’s the same on Tampa Avenue through the same stretch. I have been waiting years for them to fix those streets. It’s time for the Valley to control its own tax dollars. I am tired of getting ripped off by the city of Los Angeles. Fix our streets, Antonio. —Kris “Walter” Noffke Reseda Reduce council pay Re “City Council is the Rodney Dangerfield of L.A.” (July 11): A retreat that cost we taxpayers $13,000 so those people can discuss how to exert more authority and how to challenge the mayor? The City Council members have mastered the art of wasting taxpayer money, so I guess the next step makes sense. It makes sense, it seems to me, that as a council member seeks re-election, all patriots should vote “no.” Also, we need a proposition to reduce the council members’ wages. It makes no sense that they should be paid more than any other council members. Los Angeles needs a complete makeover. I think Laura Chick would make a wonderful mayor. She has done a great job as controller. She knows all the city’s dirty secrets, and heads would roll. — Geraldine Thompson Los Angeles Mayor Tony Seems like L.A. is just another sleazy town with corrupt officials making excuses for bad behavior. Worse, we forget and put them back into office again. They spend our money, which is easy to do, for their own entertainment and enjoyment. These are stupid people. Mayor Tony stated that he will be working on the campaign for another questionable woman and still represent L.A. Our city will suffer, but Mayor Tony will bask in the light of Madame Hillary. His r?sum? will be complete for the Democratic power brokers to run him for governor. Mayor Tony represents us. When he models clothes abroad for some Korean planning commissioner, we are made a laughingstock for the whole world. Mayor Tony is an embarrassment. — Claire Magid Arleta Mistake? Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa keeps stating that he made “a mistake.” The mayor did not make a mistake; he made a choice. His choice was either to remain faithful to his wife or to cheat and hide it with lies. His choice has been very clear to all of us. The voters of Los Angeles are the ones who should be using the word “mistake” for having believed him to be an honorable and trustworthy man. — David Pray Moorpark Levine’s pet bill Re “Pet-spaying bill neutered” (July 12): As a firm believer in spay/neuter — the owner of two rescue dogs and someone who had the help of a special lady to trap, neuter and release 16 feral cats — I believe Lloyd Levine’s spay-neuter bill would never have affected those it needed to. People who don’t license or properly care for their animals — who believe animals are puppy-making and money-making machines or simply disposable goods when the owners move from place to place — would never be concerned. The mind-set of individuals needs to be changed. When we have enough Department of Animal Services personnel to check for licensing and microchips and to teach people, starting at an early age, the proper care of pets, then and only then will any type of law be enforceable and logical. — Sandra Munz North Hollywood They’re just animals Re “Is defeat of spay-neuter measure a victory or travesty?” (Their Opinions, July 12): Daniel Guss’ plea for more government bureaucracy is nothing more than bleeding-heart emotionalism laced with vitriolic, ad hominem attacks on people who make a living he finds distasteful. His only legitimate argument, wasteful spending, is transparent considering that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent destroying animals is more useful than the hundreds of millions of dollars already lost each year to graft, corruption and lazy accounting. As an animal lover, I can understand the underlying conviction held by these animal protectors, but, come on, they’re still just animals. — Donovan Weir Chatsworth Gut feeling Re “Terror group strong again” (July 12): Don’t let the smoke get in your eyes. Our president still wears wool suits made from his flock of cronies. He still believes the American people are stupid and beneath his ideological rhetoric when he needs to deflect criticism of his long list of failures, lies and calculated deceit. Our U.S. Constitution has become riddled with holes because we have an incompetent businessman with no social skills calling the shots with arrogance and no compassion for what is truly good for the country as a whole. Why on God’s Earth do we have a C student rewriting our Constitution? The secrecy and no accountability reek of a cow pasture with one mushroom growing after another. How are your guts feeling these days? Are you full enough, or would you like to go on a diet? — Erik Eskelin Woodland Hills The difference Re “Soldiers killed in Iraq” (July 11): The reason, Marjorie Eisenberg, that the 3,000 families of victims of the World Trade Centers disaster are so special as to deserve upwards of a million dollars in compensation is that they (the victims), for the most part, were rich upper-class Wall Street executives or worked for rich Wall Street firms. The others you mentioned, soldiers and victims of the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing, were largely of the middle class. — Art Haendiges Topanga Better ratatouille Re “Ratatouille Recipes” (“U” section, July 10): Do not use zucchini. It is too watery and results in soggy ingredients. Use, instead, the summer squashes that look like flying saucers with scalloped edges. I think that the yellow ones taste better than the green ones. After peeling and cutting the eggplant into cubes, coat it very liberally with salt and put it into a colander or a sieve to drain for one to two hours. If you examine the drainage, you will see a clear brownish liquid. It is a bitter alkaloid that some people are allergic to and can cause pain in the joints, particularly the knees. Rinse thoroughly to remove the salt before continuing. — Leonard McGinnis Granada Hills Passing lane? Re “Fastpokes” (Your Opinions, July 8): If one looks at statistics, it is obvious that the majority of accidents are caused by people driving too fast. Plain and simple. Sure, slow drivers annoy me, too, but I don’t feel the need to tailgate them (for kicks) for miles on end when it’s just as easy to change lanes. And the so-called “passing lane” is a joke. If I’m driving 85 mph, I guarantee you I will be passed constantly by rude, inconsiderate morons who, in turn, will be passed by other idiots who are burning rubber at 90-plus mph. Ridiculous. It only takes a fraction of a second for a life-altering accident to occur on our already stress-riddled freeways. — Gary Bennett Canoga Park Missed point Re “Fastpokes” (Your Opinions, July 8): The point is that regardless of speed, slower traffic must keep right. That is an independent California law. Forcing frustrated speeders to change lanes suddenly is dangerous to everyone nearby. When unimpeded speeders pass in the lane on your left, it’s their own ticket sooner or later. But if you’re in their way in the left lane going the speed limit, it may one day be your collision when they angrily whiz around you. Please leave speed-limit enforcement to the California Highway Patrol. A safe driver needs to stay in a lane where the other traffic is going a speed that suits, and we will all be calmer and safer on the freeways. — Charles L. Murray Moorpark One-fits-all label Re “Unreliable hormones” (Your Opinions, July 10): By her own words, it is readily apparent that Sylvia Alloway is the head of the Granada Hills chapter of The She-Woman’s Man Hater’s Club (with apologies to “The Little Rascals”). She states that the adulterous activities of our mayor just confirm what women have always known — that men are unreliable or untrustworthy every day. As a person who was repeatedly cheated on by my last long-term girlfriend, I understand the pain and heartache that people experience from this type of behavior; however, I would never go as far as to judge every woman by the actions of my now “ex.” It is sad that Alloway is so bitter that she’ll label every man an untrustworthy jerk. — Mark Steele Woodland Hillslast_img

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