When Sachin Tendulkar went in disguise to watch Roja in 1994

first_imgLiving the life of Sachin Tendulkar can get really tough sometimes as revealed by the Master Blaster himself and nobody would disagree with him as he literally gets mobbed by his fans.Being a public figure can get really tough sometimes especially if you are hailed as a god by a billion people like Tendulkar.Therefore, living a normal life is nearly impossible and even a simple thing like catching up on a movie at a theatre is something that Tendulkar cannot do.The 45-year-old recently revealed that even back in the day in 1994 when there was no social media he had to go watch a movie in a disguise but even then he was recognised and had to leave immediately.”I think in 1994, we all decided to watch Roja. Anjali was there, her father was there and so were a couple of friends of mine. We went somewhere in Worli. I was wearing sunglasses and had a fake beard also I think.”But in all the chaos in the theatre my sunglasses fell off and one of the lense went missing. But even then I picked it up and wore the broken sunglass and kept my head down. But still somehow I got recognised and then we had to leave. Half-way through the film we had to leave,” Tendulkar told Gaurav Kapoor on his popular chat show, Breakfast with Champions.Kapoor’s quirky chat show is back with its fifth season and it opened with the Master Blaster as the first guest.advertisementTendulkar is adored by a billion Indians and has a massive fan following all around the world thanks to his exploits on the cricket field for nearly 24 years.When he was at the crease everyone used to breathe a sigh of relief as they knew the Little Master would win the match for India almost singlehandedly.With the weight of expectations of nearly a billion people, it is hard to imagine the kind of pressure he was under throughout his career.Hailed as the God of Cricket here in India, Tendulkar retired from the sport in 2013 with the record of being the highest run-scorer in Tests (15921) and ODIs (18426).He slammed a century of hundreds across formats throughout his career – 51 in Tests, 49 in ODIs – and is widely regarded as the greatest cricketer to have ever played the game.last_img

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